How mobile marketing
can help small businesses.

By Sprinble / May 28, 2018 / 4 Min Read

There was a time where television and desktop computer were very much the in-thing. However, as the world keeps evolving and technology keeps advancing, it can be seen that the world has gone mobile.
“we are social ” study shows that Mobile phones aren’t just the future; It has revolutionized business. Mobile devices are a key communication tool for most consumers worldwide.
Another study claims that over 80% of small businesses that invest in mobile marketing, experience increase in their returns as a result. According to “xAd”, 69% of people who search for a service on their phone plan to make a purchase at a physical location. While these customers plan to make the purchase at a physical location, they do not base their decision on the storefront itself but they tend to base their decision on the digital information they are able to find on their mobile devices.

As a small business owner, one of the first things to know is “how customers can use their phones to find your business”. You may think you have this figured out since you’ve already invested in a website and that they’ll be able to find you through Google; maybe, but there’s no guarantee to this. Mobile marketing is a better and easier way to go about this.

Today, we will discuss the ways in which mobile marketing can help your business.
As an entrepreneur, mobile marketing gives you advantages such as low cost, customization, viral potential and easy tracking, thereby reducing manpower but still giving you better business benefits and profits.
Let us check out some of the most important features of mobile marketing which can be beneficial to your business.

Connecting you with your customers

A study shows that over 90% of mobile users keep their mobile just within a one-meter distance of their reach. If you are an entrepreneur or startup business owner, people often look for your online persona. Most times they even prefer to be in direct contact with you. when you rapport one on one with your customers you establish a stronger connection with them and in turn this strengthens your brand. This also helps in finding prospective investor among your customers and can also foster the growth of your company. 
Mobile marketing helps businesses reach a wider customer base and also discovers channels that resonate with their customers. This gets you closer to your customers than any other form of advertising.

Improving your brand awareness.

Creating brand awareness means building a bond and strengthen the trust with your client. The bond created by you with your customers will discriminate your brand from the competitions. This means when a customer is aware of your brand, you can sell any product or service that your company offers to them. Even if the product is unfamiliar, your company logo is enough for your customers to recognize your brand and buy other products with the same logo. This makes Mobile marketing strategy vital while creating brand awareness since over 90% of consumers can access their mobile phone always.

Creating customer engagement

Mobile devices are also great for engaging your customers through a different medium. This may include social media platforms, your mobile-friendly websites or even your own app. Mobile marketing takes your brand to where your customers are. Not only will this assist in boosting user experience, it also assists in pinpointing any issues your site or app may cause with mobile users.

Whatever attracts or engages the customer, they are usually inclined to share it. with this you can create something interesting that your audience will love to see and hear, then use Mobile marketing tool to promote it.
Other advantages of Mobile marketing include ;

  • Convenience.
  • Viral potential.
  • Ease of tracking.
  • Microblogging benefits.

There you have it! Understanding these benefits will definitely help improve your business and you can substantially improve your brand potentials while actually decreasing you marketing expenses. It’s time to embrace mobile marketing as smartphones and tablets may be the future of the internet.



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